Ottawa Special Events Staff Title

Michael Wood

City Lights Staff Michael Wood

You may have already seen, heard or even read about Michael and not even know it! Michael has been the American Idol Insider for Fox in the United States and for Bob FM right here in the Nation's Capital! He does spots for Canada AM as their music industry analyst and has penned a best selling book on Amazon! He is a band manager, a musician that was discovered by Casey Kasem of all people, a voting member of the academy for the both the Grammys and the Junos and of course the president of City Lights Entertainment.

Peter Gilroy

City Lights Staff Peter Gilroy

Who does "experience" call when it absolutely needs "experienced staff"? It calls Peter Gilroy. He is a music producer and live music engineer by trade, and has consulted countless events in the Ottawa area. Most recently, Peter was involved in the Italian Festival, Localpalooza, Canada Day festivities and much more.

Natalie Gaudet

Office manager

Julie Bruno

Multimedia Designer